Windows essentials not updating dating antique furniture nails

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I tried updating microsoft security essentials, which hasn't been able to update since November of 2013, and I keep getting the error message 0x80070002, I tried installing a new version of it completely, but it gives me the error message you see in the computer. then I would try to uninstall it and go back to Microsoft and reinstall it I ran microsoftfixit, and it didn't give me results, if it was supposed to.Any help or assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. then I would try to uninstall it and go back to Microsoft and reinstall it It still won't let me update Microsoft Security Essentials however, and I'm getting an error message I was getting before, I forgot to mention it.

If automatic updates aren't working there might be an issue with your PC: You can also force a download of the latest daily update.While this seems like the perfect money saving combination, Essentials is about 0-300 cheaper than the Standard SKU, it is not. While I have seen this issue on several occasions in customer environments, I figured I would reproduce this. I started by installing Windows Server 2016 Essentials into a generation 2 VM (Virtual Machine).While not well documented, this configuration is not supported by Microsoft*. I ran the initial configuration wizard to complete setup. After booting the VM back up, I installed RDS via the installation wizard.I verified that only 2 simultaneous interactive logon sessions would work. The roles installed properly, but I received an error when creating the session collection. This seemed odd to me, but upon checking Server Manager all seemed to be normal.I then tested the number of simultaneous connections again. Maybe this is due to RDS licensing not being installed or configured?

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