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“At times, it can be challenging to be a visible minority, because sometimes people have expectations of you,” she comments.

“You don’t want people to feel like you’re the only representation for them.

Tegan: Stacy (Sara’s girlfriend) came to the studio, it was the first time in a recording studio, and she watched us trying to write lyrics.

We finally got the melody for the chorus of “closer” and we were trying to write lyrics and she was just sitting on the couch and then after like 10 minutes was like, “I’m gonna leave this is awful. Sara: That’s what she said the first time we were intimate too.

Both she and Sara glow with pride when they recall being on the cover not just once or twice—this issue marks the fourth time they’ve been on the cover.

They have released eight studio albums, most recently Love You To Death Sara: "Hot Snake." What does it say about society that men are so comfortable drawing their own genitalia all over everything? It's about a relationship I had had, but I wanted it to be broad enough that you didn't have to be in the same situation as me to relate to it." Quin, who describes herself as queer, also explained a standout from titled "BWU" and sang as "Be With You." When asked whether the song was "anti-marriage," the artist laughed, saying it was instead an "anti-wedding song." "It's another example of me attempting to write a song that's supposed to be a sweet pop song but ends up darker, like 'Boyfriend,'" she said."'Be With You' is interesting because Tegan and I were such big advocates of the same-sex marriage movement in the United States and in Canada.“We’ve been talking a lot about hiring as many women and LGBT people as possible…and with Clea and Rachel came this incredible all-female camera team, and I’d say about 80 percent of those working on the set were female—it was an incredible creative environment to be in!” Tegan and Sara have spent over half their lives performing together in a band.

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